newLISP® v.10.7.3 Development Release 2017-10-09

This development release fixes bugs and adds functionality.

For newer macOS versions legacy Java 6 runtime has to be installed. It can be downloaded from Apple here.

Bug fixes

Better handling of UTF-16 encoded filenames on MS Windows. Filenames in newLISP UTF-8 versions should be given encoded in UTF-8 but will be correctly encoded to UTF-16 format on Windows. When reading from the Windows file system, they will be correctly translated to UTF-8.

Fixed a wrong 'symbol protected message' when a protected symbol is part of a nested espression, but not a symbol with its content to be modified.

Fixed a flushing problem on print to stdout on macOS and other BSDs.

(trim str) on some strings containing 0's would overrun memory and 0's where not trimmed from the left. All characters less than space (32) should be trimmed from both ends of the string buffer. When the entire string is valid ASCII or UTF-8 with no 0s, trim behaves like in older versions.

New Features

Supress loading of startup file init.lsp when -h option is present. In older versions only the -n and -x options supressed init.lsp.

(read-key true) with the true parameter is now non-blocking.

Compatibility with previous versions

This version is compatible with the previous versions in the 10.7.x series.